About Us


We have seen the impact professional videos have made for our clients, and wanted to create a simple, affordable and powerful way for individuals and businesses to market themselves. ANONYMOUS springs from the concept of personal branding, which we believe is vital to your private and professional success. In today’s digital marketplace, there is simply no stronger communications tool, more powerful than VIDEO.

Our Specialties


Anonymous Video Agency is the parent company for these various ventures, and remains South Florida’s leading media production firms.

Cameras for Guns is a non-profit proyect in which any person that´s struggling economically. Basically, we exchange your guns for cameras and then we teach you the basics of photography so you can then work in one of our multiple proyects. That way, you can learn a new skill, by shooting without hurting any living creature.

I AM MIAMI is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to expose about their projects and have a positive reach to other entrepreneurs and potential customers in the area. Tune in our YouTube show and podcast to hear all the stories behind many successful brands and get to know other businesses, don’t miss it out!

SoBe Recordings was created by artists for artists. We offer the perfect space for local musicians to develop their skills and produce professional material without the need of buying all the equipment. Also. We manage their image to make the perfect combo. Wanna be part of our family? Drop us a line!

Operating Area

We currently operate in the Pennsylvania. Book a personal meeting or video conference with one of our representatives for more details.