Drink And Spin T-Shirts

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 Drink And Spin T-Shirts

First of a kind, augmented reality T-shirt.

The artistic image displayed on the shirt is designed to come to come to life in 3D, bringing new innovation and interactive entertainment to your every fashion wear.

Through our Anonymous Media AR app, one simply opens the application, points their phones camera viewpoint at the shirt, touches the lever to spin the slot machine, and before you know it the drinks are flowing and the fun begins.

Simple instructions on how to play, as well as a QR code for easy application download, are easily found printed on the neck tag of the shirt. This allows you to jump straight into revolutionary world of ‘Drink and Spin’.

(Intended for adults 21+)

Powered by: AR*T Immersive Fashion Wear

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White, Black


Small V Neck, Medium, Large