Anonymous Media Inc and Sobe Recordings Inc, are an incredible team of passionate designers, artists, 3D technologists, sound engineers, photographers, videographers, music producers, and marketing specialists. We craft experiences with fresh new ways of storytelling by testing the limits of our own imaginations in everything we do. We also craft unique, unforgettable augmented and virtual reality experiences for global brands, real estate development, visionaries, and restaurant and hospitality destinations. Our state of the art, professional production. studio also provides an outlet for artists, musicians, DJs, and producers to explore and grow within their own talents.


We craft sound strategy and successful experiences that deliver tangible results for our clients. Below is a list of our services as well as some of the platforms in which we use.

Virtual and augmented reality
Music Production and Sound Engineering
Photography and Videography
Podcasting, Headshots, and Interviews
Digital Marketing
Augmented Reality Art, AR Food Menus, Branding, AR_T-Shirts
Virtual Reality Real Estate
Event Coverage

Mobile apps and tools



Virtual Reality Real Estate. Create complete virtual reality solutions for pre-construction development. With this technology the sales force can secure the sale prior to the building ever breaking ground and envision themselves within their new place of habitat. A new and broader range of customers will be attained and retained with this new and innovative approach to this ever growing market.

We offer the best VR and AR solutions for any type of real estate development. Our system is designed with multiple functionalities and is an exact 3D replica of your future development project. This allows your sales team to capture more clients and close your development deals up to 5x faster than traditional methods.

High Quality, Realistic Renders

Drone Mapping Aerial View

Captured with Drone Photogrammetry

Interact with the real surroundings

First-person navigation

The easiest way to navigate in Virtual Reality.

Change any piece of furniture or detail with a single click

3D Floorplans made easy!

Unlimited high quality renders

AR Content to compliment your branding

Download our App and use the target images below to visualize in Augmented Reality.


,Using smart device technology, you can present your menu to your consumers in 3D, having the menu items appear as they were actually in front of your guests. This allows them to see and interact with the dish before placing an order, enabling them to make more informed food choices, ensuring their experience will be an unforgettable one.

Our system also allows for instant photo and video uploads directly to all social media outlets. Our Augmented reality food menu service is an extremely valuable asset to your business allowing you to extend your brand beyond your restaurant walls by having your menu available in 3d, on the go, while revolutionizing the world of dining out.

3d Food Menu and Custom App

Engage your visitors with interactive 3d food menus.


Augmented Artwork

Your logo or artwork can come alive, giving visitors an additional branded experience.

Your business gets its own App

Nowdays branding happens on more than just your website and social media. Communicate directly with your audience with a branded app.

Create an Interactive Experience

Visitors will watch your logo and artwork come to life, and can click links to visit your social media pages or other content.

Enhance your Branding

Your imagery can come to life, giving visitors a deeper view of your branding.

Download the Crudos 3D Menu app by clicking the link below.

Once downloaded open the app and use your phone as a visualizer. Point at the images below to see the immersive 3d content.

schedule an ar product demo


AR immersive visualizations to enhance the artistic view of an artists’ work of art. Bringing the artwork to life while also allowing the artist to market their masterpieces using direct links to their social media pages, website, online store, etc.

Visualize these images in Augmented Reality with our App “Anonymous AR”


Install the Anonymous AR app to experience this amazing artwork by Oceanman jump to life in Augmented Reality. We can turn any logo or artwork in an Augmented Reality experience.

Who We Are – Video from VR EXPO 2019 in Miami

We offer these services and more through Sobe Recordings.

Sound Recording

Music Production

Social Media Marketing, and Artist Branding

Headshots, Corporate company photos, and Live event coverage

Interviews and Podcasts


We are your creative studio in the heart of South Beach, Miami, here to help you achieve your vision. From photos and video live streaming, 3d scanning, music production, to artist branding and marketing,  we have you covered.


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